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Kerilea / Redpath Cloche systems for the commercial grower

Commercial cloche frame and wire spring retaining clip system, originally designed by Kerilea and now manufactured in-house by Redpath. The cloche frames are supplied in a variety of widths from 600mm through to 2000mm wide and up to 1600mm height. (See graph below).

Commercial packs are supplied in lots of 25 and include the frames & unique clip system. Popular for Strawberry, Kumara, Seasonal flowers, early seedling and late season protection of a wide variety of vegetables and flower crops.  The Kerilea / Redpath cloche system is simple to install and remove, whilst the spring clip allows the operator to ventilate the cloche tunnel by sliding the film up or down the sidewalls of the low tunnel system. The spring clip securely holds the cloche film to each hoop and thus adds to the durability and reliability of the films and frames in windy conditions.

The Hydroponic bench frames 1.3m, 1.8m and 2m versions have a re-enforced "end frame" option.  These "end frames" are purchased individually and are used at the ends of the tunnels only, call for more information if required Ph Free 0508 733 728



Click here to view Installation instructions pdf 

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