Glasshouse Accessories

Accessories for your Redpath Glasshouse


When you are away from the home it a good idea to have one or two of the glasshouse roof vents opening automatically. The Bayliss solar powered vent opener is an "expanding wax ram type" and is simple in both its operation and adjustment. It will begin to open at approximately 15 degrees C and is suitable for lifting up to 7 kilos. An excellent upgrade option to your Redpath glasshouse!

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Bayliss automatic solar powered roof opener $183.89


Whilst all of Redpaths glasshouse range are supplied standard with single or multiple roof vents, it is an option to fit additional aluminum roof ventilator to all models.  The complete roof vent frame, opening mechanism and glass is included with this option.  An automatic solar powered roof vent opener is also available (see above). Use the shopping cart below to select extra roof vents.

Roof Ventilator $170.20


Easy fit 100% aluminium planking and brackets side or end wall shelf units
The aluminium shelf units may be fitted to the sidewall or endwalls of some models (if wide enough).  The shelves are made up of 3 aluminium non-slip planks and the brackets and planks simply bolt straight to the pre-formed grooves of the internal main framework. Two lengths of shelf are available
1.8 metre long x 300mm deep aluminium glasshouse shelf.
2.5 metre long x 300mm deep aluminium glasshouse shelf.

Select shelving Length


Staging shelf aluminium 400mm depth
Select either 1m width or 1.5m width
Select either 2 tiered 710mm Height or 3 tiered 1000mm Height 

Note: Picture shown is 3 tiered model

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Staging shelf aluminium 400mm depth


An Aluminium bracket kit that attaches to the framework allowing you to use a padlock to lock the door. This system is available for both single or double door glasshouses (padlock not included)

Door Locks


Plastic door wheel with self lubricating ball race 28mm. These wheels afford finger tip control for doors. Please call Redpath if spares or replacement wheels are required.

Door wheel $27.60


These two-piece clips are used to attach linings to the inside of the Redpath Glasshouse. The plug is pushed through the lining material and then twisted and locked into position in the groove of the inside face of the glazing bar. The clips are handy for securing thermal liners for winter production such as bubble plastic, or frost textiles (Insulnet) and are ideal for holding shadecloth screens in place also.  Supplied in packs of 30. 

Lining hook Pack of 30 $17.25


These popular glasshouse wire clips are a universal fit for many designs to hold the glass panes against the framework. They are made of stainless steel, they are supplied in packs of 50.

Wire clips Pack of 50 $22.89


This clip is aluminium and sits between the glass panes where they overlap. On windy sites these clips may be doubled up for extra strength. supplied in packs of 50.

Overlap clips Pack of 50 $21.85


Self colour stainless steel will not rust and in addition to holding the glass firmly against the glazing bar, it also acts as an overlap support. Supplied in packs of 50

Spring clips Pack of 50 $22.89


Ridge cresting may be fitted to your glasshouse model and will add that extra bit of aesthetic appeal to your glasshouse.  Some clients say that the ridge Cresting also aids in the deterrent of birds landing on the ridge of the glasshouse also.  The cresting is supplied in a silver alloy finish as standard - however, may be colour coded to your choice of frame colour (see colour options)



The optional five blade louvre kit may be added to any model of Redpath Glasshouse. The louvre will provide additional ventilation to the glasshouse & may be positioned in the sidewall or the end wall of the glasshouse.

5 Blade louvre $158.70


The crop ring clips attach to the underside pre-formed groove in the aluminium rafter. You can then use the "ring end" to  attach your crop support or irrigation support strings/wires to the roofline. Supplied in packs of 6.

Crop Support clip Pack of 6 $22.89


Netting provides a good shade system for plants that are over exposed to the sun, e.g. if one side of the roof is facing north then scorching of leaves could occur. The netting helps to dissipate the sun's rays and prevent burning. Various grades of internal shade netting can be used, along with the Redpath lining hooks (see above)to hold the shadecloth in place. Contact Redpath for a price on a shade-screen & clip option for your glasshouse!


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