Sidewall screening & ventilation options

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Optional sidewall screening and side vents

Redpath dairy housing shelters can be built without sidewall protection if required, however it is a popular choice at minimum to fit Redpaths long-life knitted windbreak shelter to the sidewalls or even a roll up blind system that allows even further control over driving weather.

The windbreak sidewalls offer a much reduced wind-chill factor for the herd particularly on exposed sites, with the windbreak being supplied in a standard green colour, although white is also an option if preferred. The cloth is simply clipped in place via a wire and clip arrangement, to make it simple to remove if required.

The Redpath "Roll up wall system" goes a step further than a simple windbreak wall, and offers the best of both worlds, with the non-permeable reinforced Polyweave clear plastic film able to be rolled down for superior weather protection and "rolled up" when conditions are dry and warm.  The Redpath Eziwinder self-locking winch system is included and these feature a 5.5:1 reduction ratio gearbox for simple hand operation of the roll up wall.

The gable ends of the clear roofed shelter may also be clad in a breathable windbreak cloth as a no cost extra

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