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Optional roof ventilation system

Redpath Dairy housing may be fitted with either a single-side facing (SRV)  or Double side facing (DRV) roof ventilation system.  The Roof vents are all driven by durable "rack & pinions" and may be either manually or fully automatically controlled.  Roof ventilation becomes a more important consideration if summertime dairy cow housing is going to be considered or if the Standoffshelters are larger in size (say more than 4000m2+).

With larger Redpath clear roofed dairy housing designs, the sidewall ventilation will often be quite far from the centre of the building, and this can promote warmer than desired temperatures in the central areas of the building. The roof vent system may be simply fitted to the middle spans of a multiple-span truss building or it may be fitted to all spans.

Redpath recommend fitting a Redpath electronic temperature control module and motor/gearbox to control the roof ventilation system.  This module will monitor the internal environment and open and close the roof venting to suit the desired pre-set temperature.  The control module will also close the roof vents in times of rainfall or if the wind reaches excessive force.

Vents may also be operated via Redpaths manual chain drive gearbox if farms do not have a power supply to the shelter or they only require basic control. 

Helps by providing the ideal temperature and humidity conditions for the herd 24/7. 

Other cooling options for stock include the fitting of overhead shade screening within the shelter.

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