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What does Redpath Clear-roofed Dairy Housing cost ?

Redpath Dairy Housing shelters can be surprisingly cost-effective. This is because you purchase direct from Redpath as the manufacturer with no "middle-man" in place. Redpath Standoffshelters may also be purchased through Farmlands stores with your Farmlands account.

Redpath uses more than ten dedicated construction crews who are based nationwide and who live near to our customers. This allows us to efficiently construct your clear roofed shelter.

With efficient material sourcing and installation systems in place - Redpath can bring you a high quality building that offers years and years of service at an affordable cost and often for less than $575 + gst per cow built on-site.

Prices can vary for Redpaths different building design options:

For instance if the option of the increasingly popular "central feedout service lane" is chosen with a soft litter floor - then Redpaths price would typically be in the vicinity of $575 - $655 + GST per cow constructed on-site. Larger buildings will typically be a little lower in cost per m2 than smaller structures

However for a relatively straight forward shelter over an existing concrete feedpad where cow intensity is higher - the cost per cow may be as little as $350 + gst per cow These price guidelines include the labour to construct the building on-site in most major parts of New Zealand.

Larger herds will often make things a little more cost-effective than smaller herds. Other factors such as the final specification (vented, shade screens, side eaves etc) the location of the farm and the soil condition of the site can also have an effect on the cost of a building kitset and construction costs.

The decision on what type of floor is to be used can certainly affect build costs. For instance if choosing a containment bunker system then the cost can be expected to increase due to the greater amount of concrete used compared to the of the clay+liner or woodchip system. If you are planning a scraper path or many concrete feed paths - then the cost can also increase for the project.

The typical major set-up cost in order of value to consider:

The structure: Main overhead building including labour to erect (Farmers tell us that this cost typically represents 60% of the total cost of the installation)

Site works:  Creating the raised building pad and any drainage preparation

Concrete work: Feed placement paths, troughs, turn-around areas at the ends of the building etc

Deep litter: If a soft floor is used, the initial supply of woodchip (varies between 15m3  and 25m3) , the litter service life is typically 2-3 years when protected from rainfall. The clear roof allows a deep litter system to be used more effectively with natural light and energy keeping the deep litter woodchip in superior condition.

Other minor parts & accessories: Any council fee's, gates, plumbing, water troughs, stormwater, fencing, drainage etc

To assist with the above and as part of Redpath's customer service, we offer drawing details and guidelines on the siteworks profiles / falls, drainage, concrete side nibs / pathways etc. We also  provide names for the woodchip supply and we handle the building consent process in-house for you.

Contact Redpath on Free Ph 0508 733 728  for an instant "over the phone"  price today - or use the  "enquire now" link  below to request a price for your farm.  Please allow up 24 hours for an accurate and no obligation estimate to be completed and sent to you in return.

NOTE: Redpath's also advise that any permit application be done over the winter /spring months , so as to allow straight forward and speedy construction of the Dairyshelter in the Summer/Autumn period

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