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Tunnel Greenhouses - "Built stronger to last longer"

We are New Zealands longest established commercial and domestic greenhouse manufacturer. Our sturdy long-life aluminium domestic greenhouses use heavy duty 30mm square aluminium hoops and thick 210 micron commercial greenhouse film covering with 10 year + service life.
Select the greenhouse size and options at the base of this page to purchase direct from our factory. You will also recieve a further discount when you complete the shopping cart section. We then deliver direct to your door!
Redpath tunnelhouses are 2.36 metres wide and come in eight different lengths.
They include a quality box section 60mm x 30mm aluminium base rail or you may choose to supply your own base rails e.g Timber 4" x 2" to further reduce the cost.
We proudly manufacture these in New Zealand to suit our climate - they are not a flimsy import !. 100% aluminium main frame no timber to rot or steel to rust!
You can choose an optional extra to have the kitset delivered in pre-constructed flat-pack form saving 50% of assembly time. This option is ON SPECIAL NOW

Standard Features included with all Redpath Tunnelhouse models:
Width: 2.36m wide
* Lengths: Eight lengths available - 1.5m, 3m, 4.5m, 6m, 7.5m, 9m, 10.5m and 12m
* Tall height: 2.3m apex gives great internal space and suits vine crops etc
* Hoop Frames: Strong 30mm square aluminium is used for the arch frames
* Door: 1 x 680mm wide x 1.75m tall Aluminium framed door + handle
* Door Design: Aluminium sliding door track with roller ball bearing wheels
* Louvre: 1 x Louvre 3 blade window with glass sheeting, mounted in rear wall
* Base rails: Quality aluminium 60mm x 30mm box section base rails
* Durable: Main frame is 100% aluminium for maintenance free long life. No steel or timber
* Wall bracing: Aluminium angle sidewall bracing for strength and 3 purlins
* Covering: Clear commercial grade 210 micron long life Duratough 
* Cover clamping system: Integrated clip system to reliably secure the covering.
* Warranty: NZ manufacturers 3 year warranty, Free Ph support service weekdays
* High wind kits: Are standard on the 9m, 10.5m and 12m models.  (optional on others)

Optional Extras: Please select from price boxes below and add to cart
* Can be purchased with or without 60mm x 30mm aluminium base rail
* Add an extra single door to rear end wall  (eliminates louvre window) 
* Dual front or rear wall door (one shade/one poly) useful for ventilation in summer
* Screen door - Replace the Duratough door covering with shade screen for venting
* Choose partially "Pre-Constructed" before dispatch (saves 50% of assembly work!)
   SALE now on usually $179.00 Now $99 for pre-Construction service on all sizes
* Sidewall shelf brackets and shelf system can be fitted as an option
* Add a second glass 3 blade louvre window in the rear wall for more ventilation
* Roof vent option available soon (may also be fitted at later date)
* Choose a high wind upgrade kit for models up to 7.5m. (9m, 10.5m & 12m include this)

2.36m x 1.5m       $799 inc alloy base rail        $749   no base rail      
2.36m x 3m          $849 inc alloy base rail        $799   no base rail      
2.36m x 4.5m       $949 inc alloy base rail        $899   no base rail      
2.36m x 6m        $1099 inc alloy base rail       $1049  no base rail    
2.36m x 7.5m     $1249 inc alloy base rail       $1199  no base rail    
2.36m x 9m        $1549 inc alloy base rail       $1499  no base rail    
2.36m x 10.5m   $1749 inc alloy base rail       $1699  no base rail     
2.36m x 12m      $1899 inc alloy base rail       $1849  no base rail    

Check out our Shadehouse range also click here  and our combined shade + Polyshade range click here  Instructions for assembly and tool requirements click here .  We custom manufacture to order please allow up to 7 working days for dispatch.

The homegardener forum site is here www.kiwigardener.co.nz

Enquire now

Tunnel Greenhouse INCLUDING Aluminium base rail, Single door & Louvre

Tunnel Greenhouse WITHOUT base rail, Includes single door & Louvre

Screen single door - Replace the Duratough door cladding with shade screen for more ventilation $15.00

Replace Single Door with Dual Door (one Screen and one Duratough) $125.00

Optional "Extra rear wall single door" $125.00

Optional "pre-construction service" for base rail model only. USUALLY $179 now only $99.00!

High wind kit for 1.5,3,4.5,6,7.5m

Re covering kits for single door models

Re-covering kits for Dual Door models

Shelf Bracket (Left or Right) $22.89

Add a second glass Louvre window in rear wall $99.00