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Durashelter clear super long-life / heavy duty Dairyshelter film

Redpath use this film on its own range of standoff Dairy housing buildings and we also supply this special heavy duty 254 micron Durashelter film to farmers wishing to build or re-cover their existing dairy standoffshelters or other designs/brands of clear-roofed dairy shelter buildings such as .  Redpath Durashelter's extra thickness at 254 micron means superior service life and strength over any other "standard film" in the market!

When fitted to new Redpath buildings - we offer a high confidence warranty for Durashelter "If the Durashelter roofing were to fail on a Redpath Dairyshelter within a 5 year period from normal use wind/rain/snow/hail - then Redpath will repair or replace the covering for free !" See warranty conditions below   

A recent testimonial from a farmer in Taranaki march 2012 - QUOTE "We just had the biggest storm in more than 25 years - with windspeeds exceeding 150kph for most of the day, - the Redpath roof was totally reliable even though many farm sheds with tin cladding were simply blown away - very impressive stuff"

Redpath Durashelter is the heaviest / thickest standoffshelter film available yet Durashelter still has a high light transmission level of over 90% which gives superior performance to dry the shelters floor, an important consideration to keep the soft-litter healthy and hard floors dry.  Natural UV light will also reduce the incidence of bacteria growth and ammonia buildup within the flooring.
Durashelter is treated with an anti- condensation feature which helps prevent condensation droplets forming on the inside surface and dropping to the floor below.


Durashelter is available in eight different widths 3.7m, 4.5m, 6m, 7.5m, 9.2m, 11.4m, 13.1m and 14.4m.  All of these widths may be purchased on a 'cut to length basis”, so customers need only order the lengths they require to fit their buildings (allow 1m extra than buildings length)

Redpath Durashelter may be used on a range of commercial structures made by different manufacturers and it has a typical service life of 10 years+. Redpath also supply a 5 year pro-rata UV warranty in addition to our storm warranty for the film.  In fact Redpath can offer an "storm upgrade package' for most building design's - This will entail fitting the Durashelter along with the dedicated aluminium clipping system "Duralock" (Click here) to your building, - call us for a quote.

Durashelter may be purchased directly on-line via the below shopping cart. First select the width required then the length from the drop-down button and add to your cart.

Longer lengths are available.

Contact us for a price and a free sample  Free Ph 0508 733 728



Click HERE to view the Durashelter warranty conditions

Durashelter may be purchased in width and lengths to suit your building, or if you are planning to build your own Dairyshelter or Calfshelter.  Chosse the width you need from the below selection boxes and click on the drop-down arrow to chosse the length required. 

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Durashelter - 3.7m width

Durashelter - 4.5m width

Durashelter - 6m width

Durashelter - 7.5m width

Durashelter - 9.2m width

Durashelter - 11.4m width

Durashelter - 13.1m width

Durashelter-14.4m width