Duraliner underfloor membrane

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Duraliner Under-Floor membrane

The Duraliner membrane is supplied in a width to match each loafing span bay.  The liner is placed at the very base of the flooring materials and is used in some installations where free draining or loamy soils may demand.  Duraliner is placed onto a soft surface such as sand, pumice, or other fine material, then overlayed with round metal.

The Duraliner ensures 100% containment. 

Duraliner has been independently tested for water permeability.

Please see drop down box below for pricing on the 9.2m, 11.4m, 13.1m and 14.4m widths.  Any length may be ordered

Alternatively you can contact us for more information on Free Ph 0508 733 728

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Durashelter - 9.2m width

Durashelter - 11.4m width

Durashelter - 13.1m width

Durashelter - 14.4m width