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A proven long life roof protection structure and cladding

The Redpath Orchard rain Canopy is for orchardists seeking an all steel section shelter system that can include leading edge environmental control.  The Redpath design has been developed with knowledge learnt from manufacturing and installing many 100s of acres of commercial greenhouse buildings over the last 30 years throughout New Zealand and Australia.  Redpath is New Zealand’s largest steel frame polythene clad greenhouse manufacture. 

The Redpath orchard canopy design is erected as a free-standing shelter over and above the existing crop. Posts are stood via auger hole and concrete foundation fill.

The Redpath Orchard Canopy may be fitted with an option a full length passive roof vent on the truss designs.  This offers the grower superior management of both temperature and humidity which becomes an important consideration when covering any type of horticultural crop.
The Orchard Canopy may be used to cover Kiwifruit, Nashi, Blueberry, Cherries, Passionfruit, - for rain, hail protection and seasonal temperature and humidity control. 


The Redpath Orchard Canopy uses either Duratough or Durashelter long-life clear cladding. This heavy duty 210 micron clear Duratough has resistance to wear and tear from wind and also excellent longevity against UV stress.  A further optional extrsa is available and the building may have fitted the extra heavy duty 254 micron Durashelter membrane.  Durashelter life exceeds 10 Years.  

Both prodcuts are supplied with a factory backed pro-rata 4  or 10 year pro-rata UV warranty

Unlike low light-transmission woven claddings, - Duratough offer 91% + PAR light transmission (photosynthetic active light) levels and this directly affects crop growth, fruit quality, fruit quantity and leaf size.  If light levels are low then more leaf and vigourous plant leader growth will directly effect production and labour cost via maintenance.  
Both Duratough and Durashelter include an anti-drip coating on the films inside surface.  This surface faces toward the crop and further assists with keeping the crops beneath dryer by limiting any condensation droplets falling from the cladding.

This feature further reduces the incidence and spread of disease and therefore spraying requirements by the grower can be lower.

Duratough and Durashelter is also specifically formulated to be "Bee friendly" and it does not interfere with the light spectrum required by Bees to navigate, Thus allowing excellent natural pollination levels to be maintained.


The Redpath Orchard canopy may be constructed over existing crops by the owner.  The Redpath design is a straighforward assembly process, with all the structural conections in the building being pre-drilled ex Redpaths factory. This maks the framework assembky simple and efficient and allows growers or their contractors to erect the canopy themselves if they wish. 


In hectare areas, with open sidewall and endwalls for improved ventilation and with a 3.5m gutter height the kitset will often cost less than $30 + gst per sq/m ex our factory

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Basic Specifications/Features Mk3 Redpath Orchard Rain Canopy: 

  • The Redpath Orchard Canopy is available in two different arch or truss widths to suit row spacing’s. , 9.6m, 10.65m 
  • Redpath orchard canopies using a pitched roof truss design can feature full length passive roof vents along all ridgelines or selected ridge lines, for superior air movement and temperature and humidity management / control.
  • The roof structures lowest point (gutters areas) is situated well above the crop/plant height (up to 1.3 meters or more) for a superior overhead air "buffer-zone" and additional control over temperature / humidity spikes.
  • Standard sidewall or gutter height is 3.5m, 4m or 4.5m,  Apex height is 5.5m - 7m nominaly
  • Long-life Duratough 210 micron or + high PAR light transmission clear roof cladding is used with anti-drip feature. Duratough is “Bee friendly"  for positive navigation of natural pollinators.
  • Extra long-life and durable Durashelter 254 micron or + high PAR light transmission clear roof cladding is also an option, with anti-drip feature. Durashelter is “Bee friendly"  for improved navigation of natural pollinators. 10 Year pro-rata roof warranty applies to Durashelter.
  • Redpath Orchard Canopies are supplied as complete free-standing designs and typically stand free from any other orchard infrastructure
  • Supplied in kitset form to be built by the owner or their contractor
  • Designed for sites with little or no shelter, Can be constructed on open area locations

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