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Redpath relocatable easy-build tunnelhouse (under design review)

The Redpath relocatable tunnelhouse is suited to the Semi commercial grower, Nurseryman, Lifestyle, and Propagation applications that require simple rain and frost protection and that do not wish to invest in a more substantial steel pole type design that requires concrete for footings. 
The relocatable tunnel design is 5m wide at its base and is supplied in modules of 3m length.
The relocatable tunnelhouse uses no concrete in its construction - and instead has 'ground screw anchors' to secure the building to the ground. 
Click on the price box below to select the standard open ended tunnel lengths and prices.
You can then select various options for ends (choose closed end wall or door end wall), and then select if a roll up wall is required on one side or both.  The roll up wall can also be automatic with temperature controller and 24v DC drive motor opening and closing the wall.
Super heavy duty Durashelter 254 micron clear long life greenhouse film is used as the standard covering. 

Redpath relocatable tunnelhouse are suited to low to medium wind site. There is an option for higher wind sites to choose the high wind kit which brings the main tunnel hoops closer together from 1.5m down to 1m.

Redpath relocatable tunnelhouse are supplied in kitset form only, they are built buy owners or local fencing contractors typically

 Standard Specifications:

  • Span / Bay Widths: 5m
  • Post spacing lengthways: 1.5 metres between hoops (Hi wind kit if selected are 1m)
  • Sidewall height: 1.71m
  • Apex height: 2.5m 
  • Side ventilation: - Not standard - please choose this option from the roll up options list below (auto or manual)
  • Roof & Wall cladding:  Singleskin Durashelter 254 micron  4 Year film included
  • Frame Guard Tape: Polyguard fitted to all roof members that touch the plastic included
  • Doors: Choose as options select "door ends"  option below. You may have one or two "door ends"
  • Closed ends: Select "closed ends"  from the options below. You may have or two "closed ends" 
  • Footings: screw anchor type no concrete required, for relocatable flexibility (soil type dependent)
  • Wind load: Designed for sheltered sites, Hi wind option available below
  • Installation: No,  - Kitset only
  • Warranty: Yes, Redpath 1 Year manufacturers warranty applies 

If you purchase online using our secure shopping cart and the value is above $5000, we will deliver to your mainland New Zealand address freight free!.  Note, this offer does not include a Hiab service or labour to unload the vehicle when the kitset arrives

Longer sizes also available - please call free Ph 0508 733 728 

Please note the pictures shown on this page are the previous recent design.
Apologies for any inconvenience - Call us for if you require more information and details. 

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5 Metre Width- with roof and side cladding, select length below

"Sliding Door ends" per each $650.00 select 'buy now' below

"Closed ends" per each $350.00 select 'buy now' below

Roll up side wall, complete with winch, select length to match tunnel

Roll up wall to ridge, complete with winch, select length to match tunnel

Automatic Roll up wall includes controller & motor, select length to match

High wind kit, arches spaced at 1m, Select length to match tunnel below