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A proven long life large area canopy shelter

Redpath is New Zealand’s largest steel frame polythene clad greenhouse manufacturer with 16 installation crews and manufacturing plants in New Zealand and Australia
The Redpath large area canopy shelter is used by outdoor crop farmers and orchardists seeking a reliable low maintenance yet cost-effective solution for their crop protection.
Redpath canopy shelters are design engineered with a 25 year minimum frame life and can be a simple 'roof-only' design or include a quality European mechanical rack & pinion fully automatic ridge vent opening systems. The design uses substantial 100mm x 50mm x 4mm RHS and 75mm x 50mm x 2.5mm RHS for its main structural framework.

Redpath large area canopy may be erected as a free-standing shelter over and above new areas or existing crops. Crops such as Blueberries, Passionfruit, Strawberry, Lettuce, Brassicas, Nashi, Avocado, Cherries, Kiwifruit, and many others 

The design uses either Duratough or Durashelter long-life clear cladding. This heavy duty 215 micron clear Duratough has resistance to wear and tear from wind and also excellent longevity against UV stress.  A further option is to fit the extra heavy duty 260 micron Durashelter membrane.  Durashelter life exceeds 10+ Years and gives ultra-low risk performance and excellent extreme weather event reliability. Both Duratough and Durashelter offer 90% + PAR light transmission (photosynthetic active light) benefiting crop growth, fruit quality and production, and foliage growth. 
Both Duratough and Durashelter include an anti-drip coating on the films inside surface, and the polymers are 'Bee friendly' for superior insect pollination performance.


The Redpath design provides a straight forward assembly process, with all the structural connections in the building being pre-drilled ex Redpaths factory. The framework is simple, efficient and strong allowing owners or their contractors to erect the canopy themselves if they wish, however Redpath offer an installed price on site as standard which includes completion of building permit and full compliance engineering.
Redpath do not recommend erecting large areas of non-permeable roof cover without the appropriate permits and third party engineering cross-checks.


In hectare areas, with textile clad sidewall and a 4m gutter height the non-roof vented kitsets will often cost less than $35 + GST per m2 ex our factory

Basic Specifications/Features Mk3 Redpath Orchard Rain Canopy: 

  • The Redpath Canopy is available in four different arch or truss widths to suit row spacing’s, 9.6m, 10.65m, 11.2m or 12.2m. Each of these may be inter-connected with each other
  • Redpath canopies using a pitched roof truss design can feature full length rack and pinion fully automatic roof vents along all or selected ridge lines, for superior air movement, temperature and humidity control.
  • The roof structures lowest point (gutters areas) is situated well above the crop/plant height (up to 1.3 meters or more) for a superior overhead air "buffer-zone" and additional control over temperature / humidity spikes.
  • Standard sidewall or gutter height is 3.5m, 4m or 4.5m,  Apex height is 5.5m - 7m nominally
  • 25 year NZ registered engineered design frame life
  • 100mm x 50mm and 75mm x 50mm RHS high tensile steel framework and 12mm HD Bolt/Nut frame connections for superior durability.
  • All poles include a coated sleeve over the galvanised protection at ground contact point for industry leading corrosion resistance and super long life
  • Long-life Duratough 215 micron or + high PAR light transmission clear roof cladding is used with anti-drip feature. Extra long-life and durable Durashelter 260 micron is an option.
  • Redpath Canopies are supplied as complete free-standing designs and typically stand free from any other orchard infrastructure
  • Supplied in kitset form to be built by the owner or constructed by Redpath on site nationwide
  • Designed for sites with little or no shelter. Tough enough to be built in open field sites

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